Benchmarking charts

The data below is from the latest year available. For maintained schools this is 2016 - 2017, academies from 2015 / 2016
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This includes:

  • swimming pools and sports centres
  • boarding provision
  • rural studies and farm units
  • payments by your school to another school for the benefit of pupils at the other school
  • pupil inter-site travel, eg moving between sites
  • expenses relating to before and after school clubs
  • delegated home to school transport
  • indirect employee expenses and agency staff expenses relating to a special facility
  • purchase of trading items for re-sale, eg school uniforms, books, stationery
  • donations paid by the school to a charity
  • community education with a benefit to the pupils at the school

It excludes:

  • staff costs associated with managing and supporting the special facility for directly employed staff
  • staff teaching in the special facility
  • school trips
  • residential special schools
  • any community-focused expenditure

For more information about this chart, read our guidance on Interpreting the charts.

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