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Halcyon Way School

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This school's SEN characteristics
SEN characteristic % of pupils
Speech, language and communications needs 22.50%
Severe learning difficulty 17.50%
Autistic spectrum disorder 15.00%
Profound and multiple learning difficulty 15.00%
Moderate learning difficulty 10.00%
Physical disability 7.50%
Specific learning difficulty 5.00%
Visual impairment 5.00%
Hearing impairment 2.50%

Data for academies in a MAT includes an apportioned share of MAT central finance on a pro-rata basis using FTE pupil numbers.





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Characteristic Your school Your federation Comparison criteria
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London weighting {{sad.londonWeighting === 'Neither' ? 'Not London' : 'London'}} {{sad.londonWeighting === 'Neither' ? 'Not London' : 'London'}}
Number of pupils {{sad.numberOfPupilsLatestTerm}} Schools with {{sad.sadSizeLookup.noPupilsMin}} - {{sad.sadSizeLookup.noPupilsMax}} pupils Schools with {{sad.sadSizeLookup.noPupilsMin}} or more pupils
FSM {{sad.fsmLatestTerm | number : 1}}% Schools with {{sad.sadFSMLookup.fsmMin | number : 1}} - {{sad.sadFSMLookup.fsmMax | number : 1}}% FSM
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Characteristic Default school value Comparison criteria
Finance type Academy Academies
Number of pupils 40 {{compList.criteria.MinNoPupil}} - {{compList.criteria.MaxNoPupil}}
School phase Special {{compList.criteria.SchoolOverallPhase[0]}}
Lowest age of pupils 2 {{compList.criteria.MinLowestAgePupils}} - {{compList.criteria.MaxLowestAgePupils}}
Highest age of pupils 11 {{compList.criteria.MinHighestAgePupils}} - {{compList.criteria.MaxHighestAgePupils}}
Autistic spectrum disorder 15% {{compList.criteria.MinAutisticDisorder}}% - {{compList.criteria.MaxAutisticDisorder}}%
Moderate learning difficulty 10% {{compList.criteria.MinModLearnDiff}}% - {{compList.criteria.MinModLearnDiff}}%
Speech, language and communications needs 22.5% {{complList.criteria.MinSpeechNeeds}}% - {{complList.criteria.MaxSpeechNeeds}}%
Severe learning difficulty 17.5% {{compList.criteria.MinSevLearnDiff}}% - {{compList.criteria.MaxSevLearnDiff}}%
Physical disability 7.5% {{compList.criteria.MinPhysicalDisability}}% - {{compList.criteria.MaxPhysicalDisability}}%
Social, emotional and mental health 0% {{compList.criteria.MinSocialHealth}}% - {{compList.criteria.MaxSocialHealth}}%
Specific learning difficulty 5% {{compList.criteria.MinSpecLearnDiff}}% - {{compList.criteria.MaxSpecLearnDiff}}%
Profound and multiple learning difficulty 15% {{compList.criteria.MinProfLearnDiff}}% - {{compList.criteria.MaxProfLearnDiff}}%
Visual impairment 5% {{compList.criteria.MinVisualImpairment}}% - {{compList.criteria.MaxVisualImpairment}}%
Multi-sensory impairment 0% {{compList.criteria.MinMSImpairment}}% - {{compList.criteria.MaxMSImpairment}}%
Other learning difficulty 0% {{compList.criteria.MinOtherLearningDiff}}% - {{compList.criteria.MaxOtherLearningDiff}}%
Hearing impairment 2.5% {{compList.criteria.MinHearingImpairment}}% - {{compList.criteria.MaxHearingImpairment}}%
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Address: Gordon Street, Chadderton, Oldham Ol9 9QE,GoogleMaps link opens in a new window
Telephone number: 01615350011
Local authority: Oldham
School type: Free school special
School phase: Special
Number of pupils: 40
URN: 143762
Ofsted rating: Not rated
LAESTAB: 353 7002
Age range of pupils: 2 to 11
Headteacher's name: Sue Caine
Has sixth form: No
Has nursery: No
Date of opening: 01 January 2022
School website: in a new window
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Total expenditure


Staff total


Premises total


Occupation total

More about occupation total
These are costs associated with occupying the school building. They include energy, water, sewerage, rates, insurance, and catering.

Supplies and services total


Interest charges for loans and banking

More about interest charges for loans and banking

This includes:

  • interest paid on overdrafts and other liabilities

It excludes:

  • interest received

Cost of finance total


Special facilities total

More about special facilities total

This includes:

  • swimming pools and sports centres
  • boarding provision
  • rural studies and farm units
  • payments by your school to another school for the benefit of pupils at the other school
  • pupil inter-site travel, eg moving between sites
  • expenses relating to before and after school clubs
  • delegated home to school transport
  • indirect employee expenses and agency staff expenses relating to a special facility
  • purchase of trading items for re-sale, eg school uniforms, books, stationery
  • donations paid by the school to a charity
  • community education with a benefit to the pupils at the school

It excludes:

  • staff costs associated with managing and supporting the special facility for directly employed staff
  • staff teaching in the special facility
  • school trips
  • residential special schools
  • any community-focused expenditure